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Weather in Croatia

Croatia is home to a Mediterranean climate on the Dalmatian coast and a continental climate throughout Croatia’s interiors. As it is obvious that Croatia’s tourism has boomed and become dependent on our hot summer months – what’s the weather like in the off season? Here is everything you need to know about Croatia’s predictable yet sometimes surprising weather.

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Lastovo island

Want to get away from the crowds but still enjoy what Dalmatia has to offer? We just might have a place to recommend.

Why not visit Lastovo? It is one of the furthest Croatian islands and a former military base that was closed to tourism and visitors for years. These two facts contributed to the preservation of islands nature, securing the authenticity of the existing natural and cultural landscape.

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Biokovo Mountain

Biokovo – magically rises from the sea, high to the clouds, inviting you to explore its peaks and hiking paths. The unique juxtaposition between the almost two-thousand-meter-high snowy mountain and the serene coastline is striking. But don’t get fooled – since this mountain can be as mild as cruel.

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Cooking on sailing boat

The question we get asked a lot is the one concerning the meals on our standard category boats. As our standard sailing offer does not include food and beverages, our guests are often inquiring whether they can cook on the boat, what do they need to pack, can they dine out and what do sailors even eat.

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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia Although Croatia is famous for its traditional fish and meat cuisine, it adapted immensely with the needs and minds of all sorts of lifestyles guided by the importance of what one eats. Over the last ten years vegetarian restaurants with vegan and gluten-free dishes have spread all over …

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