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Tipping in Croatia

Although it is usually left to personal discretion, tipping in Croatia is something worth educating about. We are here to give you some “tips”, recommendations, and an overall guideline on what is appropriate, expected, or respected in the world of Croatian tipping.

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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia   Although Croatia is famous for its traditional fish and meat cuisine, it adapted immensely with the needs and minds of all sorts of lifestyles guided by the importance of what one eats. Over the last ten years vegetarian restaurants with vegan and gluten-free dishes have spread all …

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How to book with AndAdventure Croatia


A question often asked: How do we book your tours? There is a small difference depending of the tour. So for some day tours we offer direct online booking, while for all multi-day adventures and sailing the process may take few steps.

Klapa Singing - AndAdventure Croatia

Klapa singing

A beautiful union of voices gives a song of a divine sound.
There is no doubt that the song is special: UNESCO protected it as intagible cultural heritage, and there are many listeners who enjoy the true sound.

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Restaurants in Split

Here in Dalmatia we say that one can get nowhere on an empty stomach, so we made every effort to select those restaurants/taverns which will take you, each in its own way, to the enchanting world of Dalmatian cuisine. We sincerely hope that our selection will delight you no matter if you are a hedonist, vegetarian, on a gluten-free diet or anything else. We recommend that you finish your meal with a drop or two of good wine. As we here say: a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away! Therefore, enjoy!

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Weather in Croatia

Croatia is home to a Mediterranean climate on the Dalmatian coast and a continental climate throughout Croatia’s interiors. As it is obvious that Croatia’s tourism has boomed and become dependent on our hot summer months – what’s the weather like in the off season? Here is everything you need to know about Croatia’s predictable yet sometimes surprising weather.

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