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Pomalo: Regenerative Olive Grove & Farm Stay

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Hvar Island Regenerative Farm & Olive Grove

Included in Where To Go (Responsibly) In 2023: 17 Unforgettable Travel Ideas by Forbes, AndAdventure Croatia is proud to invite you to our regenerative farm and sustainable olive grove, POMALO.

“We have an estimated 60 years of farmable soil left on the planet. Mostly due to unsustainable agriculture…”
The Need to Grow Documentary

As shocking as this quote is, many of us are disconnected from the environmental challenges imposed on our planet due to our way of living. At AndAdventure, we want our contribution to environmental awareness to be impactful, inspirational, and educational to our visitors without being overwhelming.

This is how we came to create Pomalo. We wanted to go beyond simply talking about sustainability and carbon offset and create a hands-on experience; something palpable and easy to translate for those who are often swept up in the currents of everyday life, and who have lost that meaningful connection with nature, the elements, and the soil.

Pomalo is a regenerative permaculture farm and sustainable olive garden on beautiful, historic Hvar Island in Croatia. It’s our educational playground where we can share stories and an immersive experience with our guests; to give them the opportunity to slow down and be present—whether for a day, a night, or a week!

Go ahead an explore our day and week-long experiences at Pomalo, and see how you can become the change our world needs.

Add to Your Croatia Vacation

Day Experience

The olive grove and developing permaculture farm is our “playground” for visitors. Add to your Croatia vacation by joining us for the day! Delight your senses with delicious food and wine from our farm and olive grove, and immerse yourself in an educational experience as your hosts share stories of the rich history of the area, our story of olive growing, the challenges we face due to climate change, our efforts and future steps at the farm, and more!

Sea Kayaking Tour from the Olive Grove

A day that combines hidden history, kayaking, swimming, and a picnic lunch with olive oil from the grove we visit!

A small bay about 5km away from Jelsa on Hvar island is the starting point of our adventure. As we journey, you’ll learn more about the place where we can find remains of an ancient Roman villa, mysterious tombs, and the picturesque church of St.Luke nestled on the bare rocks of the point of the bay.

Sea kayak from and explore the area before returning back to the family-owned ECO-certificated olive grow for a picnic lunch served in the natural shade with views to the ocean. Taste the olive oil produced from the hand-picked olives! Learn about olive grooming, oil production, and challenges imposed due to climate change.

Enjoy your time with your host, hear stories about the island, traditions, and life on the island, and embrace the POMALO* concept and slow down. Enjoy your day without being rushed…

Did we mention that we will serve wine that originates from the same bay, produced by a young wine producer that continues the centuries-old family tradition of wine production?!

Immerse Yourself in Pomalo

Week-Long Volunteering

We have also created a one-week-long volunteering trip to POMALO farm that combines hands-on experiences with an exploration of beautiful Hvar island.

In the mornings, you’ll spend time working on various tasks around the farm and olive garden. You’ll participate in our development planning, and bring an invaluable voice to our efforts. In the afternoons, you’ll have time to play and explore the lesser-known parts of Hvar island! 

Arrival pickup at the airport by the local team, board on a local ferry and continue the journey to Hvar island – your home for upcoming days! Settle down at the volunteer’s accommodation, get to your group of volunteers.
We will start our program by exploring our playground and learning about the island and the project. We will enjoy a guided tour of the island, and discover some of its stories that will give you a wider perspective of what we are trying to achieve with our project.

We start with more focused work on the farm. There will be different tasks that will need attention during your stay, and—based on the size of the group and individual competencies and preferences—we will share assignments among the team. We will also spend time brainstorming as a team on improvements that can be done in the future, as well as learning about new approaches and permaculture principles to make this farm flourish and fulfill its purpose and full potential.

After a busy morning and some time to relax and swim in the Adriatic sea at the property, if weather permits, we will head out in the afternoon for a new adventure. You can expect to do some sea kayaking, hiking, discovering less-known parts of the island, and visiting other small local farmers/producers (goat chees, honey, wine..) during your stay with us.

Expect to volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours daily in the mornings. Afternoons are for fun adventuring or personal downtime if you need it.

Celebrate achievements and enjoy our last day together! Today, we wrap up our week by embracing a slow and easy day, having some downtime, and sharing in a decadent farewell dinner!

We will help you plan your departure from the island back to the mainland—and to Split airport, if you are traveling back home. If you have decided to spend more time in Croatia, exploring the country, we will be happy to help you with planning and share our local knowledge with you.

there's a story, here...

What's in the name?

You won’t find the word “pomalo” in the official Croatian dictionary, yet it is a staple in the Dalmatian culture and way of living. 

Used as a greeting, encouragement, or advice, it means to take it easy, to relax, no stress—as well as to go slowly, to slow down, and to have no worries.

We all need more of POMALO in our lives.

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