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Croatian lagoon - AndAdventure

Pioneers in Croatia Short Sailing & Adventures Since 2005

Celebrating a decade in the adventure tourism business, we are a local company, founded by experienced guides, with a goal to share our playground secret. A small, dedicated team with expertise in a range of adventure sport disciplines. Quality, safety and customer satisfaction are our bywords. Member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), too!  Our quality equipment and personalized planning are further tools to fulfill our mission to deliver outstanding adventure and active travel experiences.

we love to share about Croatia

Mission & Vision

Our goals are simple and threefold: to deliver the highest quality by the simplest means; to constantly strive to learn, explore and improve; and to earn trust and become known for reliability as a top Croatian travel expert. Our goal is to provide the very best tours in Croatia’s premier locations, inviting our clients into the world of the true Croatia, often off the beaten path, more often far from any guidebook entry. 

We encourage our clients to test their abilities to their limits in unbeatable locations, and satisfied clients are our greatest compliment.

Private Travel

We provide a wide range of options to make sure people of varying interests can enjoy all that Croatia has to offer.

Guided Experiences

You can travel in complete confidence; our guides keep your safety and enjoyment top of mind on all guided tours.

Group Facilitation

Have a large group? Reach out to us and let us know what your needs are—and we can help facilitate a memorable group event.

Guest Support

Our guests are our extended family! We are here to support you in making this the experience of a lifetime.

Our Guides

Kristian Marovic

It doesn't matter if you are climber, kayaker or cyclist because what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies in us.

Anamarija Marovic

Participating in adventure races, I learned that the restrictions are only in your head, the strength of mind is the most important in life and by giving someone a hand, you give away but also receive energy.

Bruna Kundit

Carpe diem and dive into adventure, because it is only in adventure some people succeed in knowing themselves-in finding themselves...

Bruna Kundit

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt

Veselka Huljic

Enjoy your journey, no matter how many hills you have to climb. Just keep on learning, exploring and smiling.

Marko Herman

"Moving is breathing and breathing is life", says Marko, personal trainer and passionate trailrunner but also doesn't mind taking paddle for kayaking or jump on the bike and ride for hours. As long he is on the move....

Vedran Medvešek

If I was struggling to figure something out, I'd go to the mountain top. We all know the answer is not there, but some of us know that neither is the question.
MTB Guide

Darija Stipišić

Enjoy & respect the nature and never grow up. Climb the mountains, explore the rivers, feel the freedom that seakayaking will give you, hug a tree and live the life to the fullest. Love the life you live and live the life you love.


Marine researcher and fish connoisseur. Love to swim and dive. Working hard to preserve the ocean for future generations...
The Dolphin
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