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Everything You Need to Know About Tipping in Croatia

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Although it is usually left to personal discretion, tipping in Croatia is something worth educating about. Every country has different tipping practices, and this question often creates a lot of confusion during our travels.  We are here to give you some tips, recommendations, and an overall guideline on what is appropriate, expected, or respected in the world of Croatian tipping.

Tipping in Croatia generally reflects your interpretation of the quality of service, it is appropriate of you to tip when the service is quality; a reflection of your content is shown through the tip you leave. On the other hand, when service is sub-par or not to your liking, nothing is obliged of you to tip.

Tipping in Croatia with Cash vs Credit Cards

And when you do tip, please have some cash ready. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay tips by credit card, so it is always great to have some cash ready for tipping. Tips are usually paid in EUR for bars and restaurants, while you can tip your guides, drivers, skippers, crew in EUR or USD.

Tipping in the restaurants & bars in Croatia

It is always fair to round up your bill at a restaurant, and tipping an average of 10%-20% is appropriate. Of course, this becomes arbitrary if you really enjoyed your meal and service, do feel free to tip more!
When you’re at bars, it never hurts to throw your change in the tip jar or round up your bill. Same as at restaurants 10%-20% tip is appropriate.

Tipping your drivers, porters, hairdresser, and spa masseuse in Croatia

In other realms of the hospitality industry, rounding up your bill for the taxi or UBER driver is not expected, but appreciated. For your private drives on private transfers, it all depends on the length of the drive, and if it was a single service or you will spend several days on a multi-day trip with the same driver.
If it was a short drive from your hotel to the port, airport or a restaurant average tips are anything starting from 8euro, but if you had a longer full day drive like from Split to Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Plitvice lakes – average tip amount is from 50euro.
For a driver who spent several days with you on a multi-day trip, an average tip from 50euro/day is most common. On the other hand, if you participated in a group tour (not a private tour) the entire group would normally participate in tipping your support team: drivers and guides (from 50-150euro per person on a multiday tour)

Handing a hotel porter 1.5-3euro for every bag they carry is expected. Your hairdresser and spa masseuse should also be granted 10-20% for their services.

Tipping your guides in Croatia

In addition, tips represent a very large sum of a tour guide’s earnings. And for guides, it is also a reward – an acknowledgment of a job well done.
When you are traveling with a group, it is appropriate to collect from each patron in the group, handing the tour guide the total sum tip at the end of the tour. For multi-day week-long group tours, the industry standard is to tip between 150-200 euros per person, per guide.
It is also appropriate to tip your local city guides or guides on your daily activities (cycling, hiking, rafting, sea kayaking, truffle hunting, etc,..). The tip depends if you joined a private day adventure or maybe a shared excursion (from 10euro on shared excursions). On private adventures, the average tips for day services start from 40euro and can be as high as you feel appropriate.

Tipping based on your discretion is still heavily encouraged here, as the caliber of the service is the biggest judge.

Tipping your sailboat skipper or captain and the crew on your sailing adventure in Croatia

A general tip for a boat crew is between 5%-15% of the total sum if you are happy with the experience and the service provided. You are also encouraged to handle the tip with the boat captain as you wish.

Because it is generally known that wages for working Croatians are fairly low, every additional kuna counts. All in all, show your appreciation for the quality of service you are receiving, Croatians do work very hard to ensure you’re happy, satisfied, and enjoying every aspect of Croatia.

I am adding few additional answers to questions we often get from our clients.

When to Tip with Credit Cards

Unfortunately, tipping with Credit Cards is almost not possible in Croatia. With few exceptions, I would instead advise having cash ready – as most likely, you wouldn’t be able to tip by credit card.

When to tip in Local Croatian Currency

For example in a bar, restaurant, a hairdresser, or any other service that you are paying directly at the location. As you will be paying in local currency, it is also easier to leave a tip in local currency (EUR).

When to tip in Euros or US Dollars

When you tip to guides, transfer drivers, skippers, crew, or any other services related to your travel package that were paid in advance when you booked, you can use USD or EUR when tipping.

And if you ever have a question we missed mentioning in this blog post, be free to CONTACT US and we would be happy to assist.

It’s never too hard to give a little 🙂

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