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Want to get away from the crowds but still enjoy what Dalmatia has to offer? We just might have a place to recommend.

Why not visit Lastovo? It is one of the furthest Croatian islands and a former military base that was closed to tourism and visitors for years. These two facts contributed to the preservation of islands nature, securing the authenticity of the existing natural and cultural landscape.

If your idea of vacation includes getting away from the everyday life associated with stress, rush, noise, crowds and a constantly busy schedule, this might just be a perfect destination for you.

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photo credit: TZ Lastovo

Lastovo shares the beauty with the surrounding Dalmatian islands but unlike them, has not yet got in the center of mass tourism destination maps.  You can still come here to get away from the crowds and enjoy the wonderful and unspoiled surrounding.  Being the youngest Croatian Nature park, the beauty of the nature is undeniable. The lush green woods that still cover over 60 percent of the island are hiding perfect little picturesque villages where you can still see Mediterranean life as it once was. Besides amazing natural sights, the island is a home to not less than 38 church and chapels, some preserved and others ruinous, all encouraging potential the visitors to come and hear the interesting stories just waiting to be told.

This is the place where you will get some of the best and freshest fish in Croatia and will also get an opportunity to try the islands delicacies made with citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. If you enjoy a glass of cold, refreshing Limoncello, seek no more – in our experience this is where they make them best!

Besides wonderful, unspoilt nature and great, authentic food, you can enjoy the crystal blue sea, discover the rich underwater world, explore hidden beaches and coves and find one just for yourself!

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photo credit: TZ Lastovo

If the idea of kayaking in the crystal clear waters around Lastovo, sleeping in a lighthouse and making memorable memories sounds attractive, you can see what we have ready for you by clicking here 

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