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We will introduce some sailing tips, useful before, during and after your sailing experience in Croatia.


Please note itinerary we publish online is given only as an example of what can be experienced. As sailing depends on weather conditions, distances and duration of navigation between places you would like to visit, we have to narrow down the choices to destinations along the route, which we can reach in a number of days that you chartered the boat.

However, as you always have a briefing with our skipper once you check in, you can discuss your preferences. Our skipper will provide you with excellent guidance on whether you would like to visit popular or explore quiet places.

There have always been guests who enjoyed 7-day charters, however, due to changing global trends, sailing tours are becoming increasingly more important. It is popular to spend 2, 3, 4 or more days at sea and visit more than one island. A great thing about these multiple-day sailing tours is that you can start your itinerary any day of the week, it does not have to be Saturday.

Boats we offer

There are two categories: standard and premium. Both have 2, 3 or 4 double cabins and can accommodate 2 –- 8 guests and the skipper. For standard boats there are no prepared meals; and for premium boats, a hostess and half – board service is provided on board. Standard boats are 37 -– 50 ft, while premium are 42 –- 50 ft.

Most captains are also boat owners who spent their entire lives at sea and live and breathe with their boats, so guests feel more secure, relaxed and can make themselves at home.

Food on board

It is unwritten rule that there is never enough food on a board. However, we advise to buy supplies only for the first two days, and then later you can always buy fresh groceries in the supermarkets on the islands.

Please make sure you have enough drinking water, spaghetti, rice, instant soups, smaller package of milk or similar food which is always good to have and do not miss green market with fresh vegetables and fruits, depending on your preferences, of course.

Standard category boats do not provide prepared meals, but premium category boats offer half – board on board. Menu for the premium category boats depends upon guests preferences which guest specify and send to the crew before their arrival. It is necessary to adjust the menu for the guests who are allergic to some specific ingredients.

Please note there is an additional cost for skipper meals.


There are also plenty of restaurants along the route, so we do encourage you to explore and taste Croatian cuisine. Important sailing tips is most restaurants do not take credit cards, as in some bays most of the time the power is out. So our suggestion is to have cash to avoid any inconvenient situations. Always check the price list in any restaurant before choosing fish.

Croatian fish is well known, and some types are expensive. Even cheaper fishes are good, especially if they are grilled. Also with ordering mixed meet, you will not make a mistake.

What does Private sailing experience mean

All of our sailing experiences are private. It means that you charter a sailing boat with skipper for an agreed number of days and you are the only guests on board during that period. Regard room space, there is enough space on the boats for your suitcases. Should you need more room, you may place some pieces of your luggage in the captain’s cabin or an empty cabin if the boat is not full.

Weather & clothes on board

Summers along the coast and islands can see between 10 and 12 hours of sunshine per day, with temperatures typically always in the high 20°C and pushing up to the low 30°C. The most frequent wind in Dalmatia is the south-easterly “Jugo bringing a warmer air with it.  On the other side, we have “Bura” which is a cold, dry wind bringing cooler temperatures.

Please note our multi-day sailing are not refundable because of bad weather condition during your stay on board.

Sailing tips regarding clothes and what to bring on board, depend on the time of the year you join us for sailing. But even during the hot summer days, we advise that you have at least one pair of long trousers, warm sweatshirt, and jacket. Regarding shoes, sneakers are a good choice or any other stable and non slippery shoe.

For more details on the weather, please check our blog “Weather in Croatia”


A general tip for a boat crew is between 5% – 10% of the total sum if you are happy with the experience and the service provided. You are also encouraged to handle the tip with the boat captain as you wish. 

Please find more information on this topic on our blog “Tipping in Croatia”

Other sailing tips

Smoking indoors is prohibited on all boats.

Most boats in our fleet are pet-friendly.

Guests do not sail the boats, the captains do. If somebody wishes to try to sail a sailing boat, s/he may arrange it with the captain on the spot.

•When the boat is berthed in Pakleni islands, and guests wish to go to Hvar town, they pay for taxi boat themselves – about 15 EUR per person.

Mooring fees are not included in the boat rate. Please find more information about the mooring fees on our blog “About mooring fees”

We hope our sailing tips helped to answer some of your questions, for any additional info, feel free to contact us

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