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Working from home tips - AndAdventure Croatia

It has been a month since the AndAdventure team started working remotely from our homes. Establishing new routines is never easy, but, in light of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, it is quickly becoming many people’s reality with the need to adapt to a whole new way of living and working. That is why, during these turbulent times, it is essential to ensure you are working smart and ensuring your (mental)health is still at the forefront of your mind.

Here are tips from AndAdventure team on how to stay productive & in shape:

Create a Dedicated Workspace

There is no greater importance than structured and organized working space when you deal with your daily tasks. A functional workspace is one that isn’t somewhere you naturally spend a lot of time relaxing. Organize your workstation in a way that allows that your back is supported and that you aren’t cramped or leaning over for a long time.

Sales department and product management workstations at AndAdventure home offices are obviously not a great example of all said above:


Keep moving

An inactive lifestyle is terrible for your long-term health, which is why it is so important to remain active, even while working from home. Try to add as much movement to your daily routine as possible. Whether it is morning workout, yoga, if possible, taking a long walk outside or cleaning around the apartment – whatever works for you.

AndAdventure expert guides share their tips on keeping their skills sharp while “working from home.”


Set a routine and take breaks

Although you are working from home doesn’t mean your entire day has to be work only. It is essential to take regular breaks to refresh yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. This being said, it is important to create a schedule taking into account all other commitments in your life and finding a routine that lets you take care of those as well.

Don’t forget to add multiple breaks throughout the day to your schedule. Research has shown that taking short breaks can increase productivity and creativity levels.

AndAdventure logistics & accounting mastered this advice:


And above all said – HAVE FUN and enjoy life, even in these hard times, full of uncertainty and challenges.


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