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Sea and
sailing lovers and the islands’ inhabitants used to be the only ones enjoying
the beauties of our islands, while nowadays almost every visitor opts for a
Croatia sailing tour, be it a sunset, a half-day, a full-day or, increasingly popular,
a multiple-day sailing tour.

have always been guests who enjoyed 7-day charters, however, due to changing
global trends, where travelers prefer to visit multiple destinations during one
vacation, sailing tours are becoming increasingly more important. Owing to
that, it is popular to spend 2, 3, 4 or more days at sea and visit more than one
island. A great thing about these multiple-day sailing tours is that you can
start your itinerary any day of the week, it does not have to be Saturday.



kind of boats are we talking about?

are 2 categories: STANDARD and PREMIUM. These boats have 2, 3 or 4 double
cabins and can accommodate 2 – 8 guests and the skipper, and, for premium
boats, a hostess. Standard boats are 35 – 45 ft, while premium are 52 – 54 ft.
Most captains are also boat owners who spent their entire lives at sea and live
and breathe with their boats, so guests feel more secure, relaxed and can make
themselves at home.



are several questions most guests ask before booking a boat. 

We list them here
for clarity and your reference.

boats have both sails and an engine. Sails are raised if the wind is favorable
to sail, so a combined motor/sailing ride is done, depending on weather.

of our sailing experiences are PRIVATE. It means that you charter a sailing boat
with skipper for agreed number of days and you are the only guests on board
during that period.

charter option is available in off-season.

may be modified per agreement with the captain, weather depending of course.
You don’t have to stick to your recommended itinerary, it is a guidance only,
so you know how many islands you can visit in how many days.

you wish to overnight in ports or berth the boat to a buoy, you can decide so
one day at a time and inform the captain so he can book a spot. There are extra charges in some cases, so your captain will inform you if that would be the case before he/she books the berth. In case of bad weather it is also necessary to dock in ports/marinas, which creates additional cost.

multiple-day sailing tours, guests sleep on board the boats, inside the cabins.

do not sail the boats, the captains do. If somebody wishes to try to sail a
sailing boat, s/he may arrange it with the captain on the spot.

the boat is berthed in Pakleni islands and guests wish to go to Hvar town, they
pay for taxi boat themselves – about 15 EUR per person.

port fee for standard boats is about 100 EUR, and 50 EUR for a buoy, payable on
the spot (premium boats prices include port fees and buoy). Price depends of the port and length of the boat, so this is an example of an average price.

10.  There is enough room on the boats
for your suitcases. Should you need more room, you may place some pieces of
your luggage in the captain’s cabin or in an empty cabin if the boat is not

11.  Bed linen, pillows, towels, toilet
paper and paper towels are included in the price, you don’t have to bring those
with you.

12.  Premium boats have half-board
(breakfast and lunch) and guests do not use the boat’s kitchen to prepare
dinner, rather they go to restaurants for dinner

13.  On Standard boat you may bring food,
spices and beverages on board. These boats are equipped for preparation of
simple meals. Although there are supermarkets and a green market in the
islands, we recommend you buy groceries before coming to the boat. You have to
bring drinking water with you.

14. Food for the skipper on standard boats – it is usual that clients take care of skippers meals during the sailing adventure and that they share meals on board or to invite him/her for dinner if eating at restaurants.

15.  Our multi-day sailing are not
refundable because of bad weather condition during your stay on board. We
always like to compare with skiing: is your skiing package refunded if you are
not able to skii because of unfavorable weather during your stay?

16.  Smoking indoors is prohibited on all

17.  Most boats in our fleet are pet-friendly.

18. In terms of clothes and what to bring on board, it depends of the time of the year you join us sailing. But even during the hot summer days, we advise that you have at least one pair of long trousers, warm sweatshirt and jacket. In terms of shoes, sneakers are good choice or any other stable and non-slipery shoe. Don’t forget the essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and swimming suite.

19. More about the weather in Croatia is available in our blog.

20.  Gratuities/tips are not included in
your price. Rewarding your captain/crew is at your discretion. You can find some advise in our blog:Tipping in Croatia

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