Mooring fees in Croatia

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Mooring fees in Croatia

Mooring fees in Croatia are something most of us usually don’t think about when we talk about sailing in Croatia. Our first thought is clear blue sea, cloudless sky, bright sun and sense of freedom. But we should consider mooring fees too, and it is something you should talk about with your skipper when you get on the board.

Croatian coast is quite long and divided, and pretty much every single part of it has different rules, prices, and concessioner.

Make sure you know the difference between ports and marinas.

Ports are part of the town, and you have ferries and catamarans circulating in and out all day, you usually have quite a small number of shore moorings because there is not enough place for more, so getting a place in the port in the high season can be challenging, especially in the popular areas.  Best time to get a mooring in the harbor is around 9 AM, just because boats from the last night leaving their spots and you can jump in if you are there early enough. That leads us to the reason why your skipper sometimes rushes to some port early in the morning because afternoon you won’t find free moorings and you’ll miss some beautiful places and towns.

Mooring fees in Croatia

Marinas, on the other hand, have their own rules and schedules. Some of them are small, so you even can’t fit in if you have a big boat, some of them are far away from the town or an island you want to visit so you’’ll need a lift  with the transfer boat or a car, and that is usually not free of charge. Marina is a camp for a boat, and often, besides water and electricity, it will offer you a lot of others facilities like shops, shower, restaurants, sports field, water sports activities, etc.

Sometimes bad weather can surprise you on the sea, and maybe your skipper will have to change your route or hide in the nearest marina. Please don’t get disappointed or angry, because your safety is a priority and some extra charge that you’’ll have to pay for mooring in a marina is still too way less than a cost of the damaged boat.

Anchoring in some coves without shore mooring or a buoy is possible only if your skipper allows that and if the weather conditions are beyond perfect and will stay like that in the next couple of days.

Down below you can see some example of prices in ports and marinas. Prices are changeable and informational, so you can roughly plan your mooring budget. Don’t take them as final costs of moorings.

Low season/per night/per boat

·  37 FEET BOAT 52€€ – 107€€

·  42 FEET BOAT 65€€ – 130€€

·  45 FEET BOAT 69€€ – 134€€

·  50 FEET BOAT 77€€ – 141€€

High season/per night/per boat

·  37 FEET BOAT 75€ – 116€

·  42 FEET BOAT 91€€ – 140€€

·  45 FEET BOAT 98€€ – 150€€

·  50 FEET BOAT 110€€ – 175€€


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