Forget the Beach, Discover the Balkan Road Less Travelled

Horses in Via Dinarica - - AndAdventure Croatia

Named by Outside magazine as the ‘World’s Best New Trail’ in 2014, declared a must-see destination by Wanderlust in 2015, and included in The Guardian’s top ten adventure holidays in Europe as recently as last month, here is an example of tourism well away from the beach which transcends borders in a region known for its political problems and volatility.

Not that you would notice such issues on Via Dinarica, a supreme journey through some of Europe’s finest nature and breathtaking landscapes. A 2000-kilometre trip (you can enjoy this “cultural corridor” as a thru-hike or as day-long trekking escapes) through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia – a true pan-Balkan adventure has never felt so free.

Here in the heart of Europe, your chance to truly get off the beaten track. In an age of global travel, the pockets of undiscovered paradise are diminishing by the week, but Via Dinarica takes you through the road less travelled through the Dinaric Alps through countries not yet on the mainstream tourist radar, such as Kosovo.

It is a journey through timelessness, where time has stood still in traditional villages, and will continue to do so. No globalisation, just ancient traditions, warm hospitality and a unique insight into local customs and traditions, while sampling the excellent fresh and indigenous local gourmet offering.

Via Dinarica was launched in 2013, and it now encompasses about 2,000 kilometres in trails, nicely colour-coordinated to suit your taste in exploring: the main White Trail traverses the highest peaks; the Blue Trail is an easier route along the coast; the forest-and-foothills Green Trail is designed for cyclists.

Foto credit: Elma Okic

Of course, local knowledge is essential to get the very best out of the adventure experience, and we at &Adventure are proud to be part of a dedicated group of professionals throughout the region, who are opening up this exciting region to adventure tourists from all over the globe.

So contact us to find out more about the road less travelled, the pan-Balkan tourism experience which will set you free, and take you into a world that many think no longer exists in 21st Century Europe.

Enjoy the magnificent video here.


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